'Love's spell' is an album of three enchanting songs in English, plus the classic Christmas carol 'O Holy Night' sung in both English and Greek and in an original piano transcription.

All five songs tell stories of love in different settings, but with all characters experiencing the same feeling of being under love's spell and celebrating its ever-lasting power.


This mini album is the first commercial recording released by Vicky Yannoula as performer of both the voice and piano.


Although the album's repertoire is primarily by classical composers, Vicky Yannoula's style of interpretation is a marriage between classically rooted piano writing and a re-imagined approach of the classically influenced vocal melodies.


A ballad, a folksong and an art song are given a make-over that aims to bring this gorgeous music closer to a wider audience whilst maintaining artistic essence.

In this mini album, the Greek lyrics and the piano transcription of 'O Holy Night' (Agio Phos, in Greek) is by Vicky Yannoula. Perhaps via this version, Greek audiences will come to cherish and sing this extraordinary Christmas carol as much as other audiences around the world do...


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  • 'Long Time Ago' - an American ballad arranged by American composer Aaron Copland (1990-1990).

  • 'The Salley Gardens' - an Irish folksong arranged by British composer Benjamin Britten (1913-1976).

  • 'By The River' - an original composition, part of 'December Songs', by American composer Maury Yeston (1945 - ).

  • 'O Holy Night' - a Christmas carol by French composer Adolph Adam (1803-1856).

  • 'Άγιο Φως', 'O Holy Night' in Greek - lyrics in Greek and piano transcription both by Vicky Yannoula.


Produced by Vicky Yannoula.

Recorded on 29th November 2020 at Camden Records studios, London, UK.

Photography: Iyanka Cooray of Framed Fantasies (framedfantasies.com).